Zettai Shounen | Absolute Boy Staffel 1

Zettai Shounen erzählt die Geschichte zweier gegensätzlicher Menschen, Ayumu Aizawa und Tanigawa Kisa, die beide an ganz unterschiedlichen Orten auf seltsame, mechanische Lebewesen treffen, die sogenannten "Material Fairies".


Anime-Slice of Life Action Science-Fiction Drama Romantik Mystery Fantasy


2005 - 2005


Keine Angabe




Tomomi Mochizuki


Kazunori Itō

1 The Beginning of a Depressing and Strange Sum mer
2 The Tsukiyomi Observatory and Old Lady Okaka
3 Arrival of the Distinguished Announcer
4 Shrine of the Luminating Woods
5 Weight of a Promise and Lightness of a Dream
6 The Shroud of the World Becomes Thin
7 The Night of the Third Promise
8 Within the Narrowness of Trancession and Remembrance
9 It Is Always the Problem of Priorities
10 The thinking which becomes complicated in the rain
11 Run to Tana, Which is on the Verge of Tears
12 Dancing About the Sky of the Cat Dance
13 Tanigawa Kisa and a Presence You Don`t Get Used To
14 Two Competing Powers
15 Urban Folklore
16 Can`t be Seen with the Eye, The Gigantic Something
17 That is a Problem You Can`t Participate In
18 Meeting and Despair of Seventeen Year Olds
19 Wings of the Grown-up Fish
20 Material Fairies
21 What Being a Good Child Means
22 That Which Vanished and That Which Was Born
23 The Dark Light that Brings Happiness
24 The Girls` Small Adventure
25 The World`s Membrane is Full of Holes
26 The End of a Dependant and Rich Winter