Saint Seiya | Knights of the Zodiac Staffel 1

Vor langer Zeit dienten der Göttin Athene Saints genannte Kämpfer, welche die Fähigkeit besaßen die Kraft des Universums in sich zu bündeln. Ein Junge namens Seiya strebt danach selbst einer dieser Saints zu werden, nachdem er den mystischen Pegasus-Umhang erringen konnte. Andere Saints, die ebenfalls über ähnliche Umhänge verfügen, kämpfen an seiner Seite für Athene...


Anime Action Drama Abenteuer Fantasy


1986 - 2019


Keine Angabe


Gonzo, Toei Animation


Furuta Jouji, Hatano Morio, Katsumata Tomoharu, Kikuchi Kazuhito, Kureta Kouhei, Morishita Kouzou, Nabeshima Osamu, Nagamine Tatsuya, Tamagawa Masato, Yamauchi Shigeyasu und 6 weitere


Koyama Takao, Kuroda Yousuke, Narita Yoshimi, Suga Yoshiyuki, Takahashi Ikuko, Takeuchi Toshimitsu, Yokote Michiko, Yoshida Reiko und 4 weitere

1 Born Anew! A Heroic Legend
2 Ignite! The Pegasus Meteor Punch
3 Cygnus! The Saint of Ice
4 Dragon! Indomitable Fist and Shield
5 Miraculous Revival! Cosmo of Friendship
6 Phoenix! The Saint Who Saw Hell
7 Stolen Away! The Gold Cloth
8 Vanquish! The Black Phoenix Army
9 Fearsome Force! The Black Four Emerge
10 Shiryu in Danger! The Cloth Graveyard
11 Deadly Duel! The Black Death Punch
12 Grab Tight! The Nebula Chain of Friendship
13 Burning Up! A Flaming Blow
14 Defeated! The Specter Punch
15 Revealed! The Mystery Behind Ikki
16 Overwhelming! Docrates` Vicious Assault
17 Rescue! Saori in Peril
18 Rampage! The Caribbean Ghost Saints
19 Life or Death! Battle on Devil`s Isle
20 No Hold Barred! Shaina`s Counterattack
21 Merciless! Showdown at the Aurora
22 Reborn from the Flames! The Immortal Ikki
23 Silver Saint! A Prideful Assassin
24 Fly Pegasus! Just Like a Comet
25 Fight! By Athena`s Side
26 Friends or Foes?! The Steel Saints
27 Seiya Turned to Stone! The Medusa Shield
28 Dragon! A Sacrificial Blow
29 Kidnapped! The Crow Army Assails Saori
30 Burn Bright! Cosmo of Love
31 Specter! The Line Between Life and Death
32 Great Bomb in Death Queen Island!
33 The fight between dragon and tiger! The tears without light of dragon
34 Farewell, my friend! Peace to your ashes!
35 The Travel of Death! Dragon sees the Light Again
36 Amazing! Against Twelve Gold Cloths
37 The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death?
38 Fight Violently! Gold Stole
39 Velocity of Light! The Powerful Beyond Mach
40 Go! Our New Trip
41 The battle starts in Sanctuary! Athena`s biggest crisis
42 The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses
43 Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple
44 Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness
45 Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension
46 Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense in One
47 Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, oh Noble Warrior
48 Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death
49 Love! Shunrei`s Prayer
50 Rise, Dragon! Shiryu`s Raging Cosmo
51 Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs
52 Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist
53 What a Man! Cassios Dies For Love
54 Ikki! The Phoenix`s Blazing Wings
55 Ties of Friendship! Athena`s Call
56 Shaka! The Man Closest to a God
57 Fear of the Void! Shaka Opened His Eyes
58 Hero! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship
59 Revive, Swan! Life, Death and Love
60 Hyoga revived! At risk of life!
61 Surrender or die! These Wings Are at Their Limit
62 Make way, Hyoga! Proud Warrior
63 Resound! Sanctuary`s Gold Armors
64 Young Men! I entrust Athena to you
65 Roar, Holy Sword! Shura vs. Shiryu
66 Shiryu! Become a shooting star
67 Farewell! My teacher, my friends
68 Fighter of Beauty! Aphrodite
69 Demon Roses! Sweet Smell of Death
70 Rest in peace! Shun, the last smile
71 The Fire Bell is off! The real face of Holy Father
72 Go, Seiya! Forget all the sorrow
73 Good Friends! Come To Be With Athena