Saint Seiya Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] Vor langer Zeit dienten der Göttin Athene Saints genannte Kämpfer, welche die Fähigkeit besaßen die Kraft des Universums in sich zu bündeln. Ein Junge namens Seiya strebt danach selbst einer dieser Saints zu werden, nachdem er den mystischen Pegasus-Umhang erringen konnte. Andere Saints, die ebenfalls über ähnliche Umhänge verfügen, kämpfen an seiner Seite für Athene...


Anime Science-Fiction Abenteuer


1986 - 1989


Keine Angabe


Toei Animation


Kazuhito Kikuchi, Kouzou Morishita


Masami Kurumada

1 Revive! Legendary Hero
2 Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!
3 Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Field
4 Dragon! Unrivaled Fist and Shield
5 Miracle of Rebirth! Friendship of the Cosmos
6 Phoenix! The Warrior who saw Hell
7 It is Stolen! The Gold Cloth
8 Defeat them! The Black Phoenix Army
9 Formidable Enemy! The Four Heavenly Knights of Darkness Manifest
10 Beware Shiryu! The Cemetery of Cloths
11 Life and Death Struggle! Terror of the Black Death Fist
12 Catch! Nebula Chain of Friendship
13 Burn Up! Punch of Flames
14 Defeated! The Illusion Demon Fist
15 Now It's Revealed! The Enigma of Ikki
16 A Giant! The Fierce Attack of Docrates
17 Rescue! Saori's Crisis
18 Great Rage! Ghost Saint of the Caribbean
19 Life or Death! Bloody Battle of the Island of Spirits
20 Desperate Battle! Shaina's Revenge
21 Passionate Misdeed! The Aurora Confrontation
22 Rebirth of the Flame! Invincible Ikki
23 Silver Saint! Vain and Boastful Assassin
24 Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet
25 Fight! The Rise of Athena
26 Friend or Foe! Steel Saints
27 Stone Seiya! Shield of Medusa
28 Dragon! Victory of Self-Sacrifice
29 Kidnapped! Corvus' Army Calls Unexpectedly on Saori
30 Burn! Cosmo of Love
31 Evil Apparitions! Deadline of Life or Death
32 Great Explosion! Death Queen Island
33 Dragon and Tiger Clash! No Light For Dragon Tears
34 Farewell Friend! Rest in Peace
35 Desperate Journey! Open Dragon's Eyes
36 Amazing! Reality of the Twelve Gold Cloths
37 The Mask Cries Out! Love or Death?
38 Clash! Gold Saint
39 Speed of Light! The Fist Faster than the Speed of Sound
40 Go! The Official Departure
41 Great Sanctuary Battle! Athena's Greatest Crisis
42 The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses
43 Big Bang! Battle of Taurus Temple
44 Gemini! Maze of Light and Dark
45 Panic! Adrift in a Different Dimension
46 Cry Out! Nebula Chains fight as One
47 Farewell Hyoga! Sleep, O Brave One!
48 Dragon! Revival in the Land of Death
49 Love! Shunrei's Prayer
50 Arise Dragon! Shiryu's Angry Cosmo
51 Why! Fang of the Gold Lion
52 Ares! The Demon Emperor Plots
53 That Man! Cassios Dies for Love
54 Ikki! Phoenix's Blazing Wings
55 Fellowship of Harm! Athena's Cry
56 Shaka! Most Sacred Saint
57 The Fear of Nothingness! The Open Eyes of Shaka
58 Hero! Ikki Destroyed For Brotherly Love
59 Revive Swan! Life, Death, and Love
60 Hyoga's Return! At Risk of Life
61 Surrender or Die! Scorpion vs. Swan
62 Forge Ahead Hyoga! Proud and Brave
63 Be Heard! Sanctuary's Gold Cloth
64 Young Men! You are worthy of Athena
65 Growling Excalibur! Shura vs. Dragon
66 Shiryū! Vanish Like a Star
67 Farewell! My teacher, my friends
68 Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite
69 Demon Roses! Sweet Fragrance of Death
70 Peace! Shun's Last Smile
71 Fire is going out In the Fire Clock! True Face of the Pope
72 Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends
73 Gather, Friends! Toward Athena