Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Staffel 1

Saiki Kusuo besitzt eine breite Auswahl an Superfähigkeiten, die er nutzen kann, darunter Telepathie und Telekinese. Das klingt fantastisch, aber in Kusuos Erfahrung sind nicht alle dieser Kräfte so wie sie sein sollten. Er versucht, trotz seiner außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten, ein normales Leben zu leben.


Anime-Supernatural Comedy School Anime-Super-Power


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Hiroaki Sakurai


Michiko Yokote

1 The Disastrous Life of a Psychic + The Worst of the Worst?! Riki Nendou + Shun Kaidou, AKA The Jet-B
2 Hot-Blooded! Dodgeball! + Reach Him! Sign of Love + Saiki Family Home Renovation?! Drastic Makeover!
3 A Genius Magician?! Uryoku Chouno + Second Encounter (on TV)! Uryoku Chouno + How Shady! Dark Reunio
4 Please Make Me Your Apprentice! + Psychic Medium in the Class Next Door + Kineshi Hairo, in Search o
5 Escape Using an Invincible Suit of Camouflage! + Get Fired Up! PK Academy Sports Day + Don’t Catch F
6 Enticing Premium Quality Coffee Jello + In Order to Avoid Misfortunes... + Teruhashi’s Biggest Trial
7 Reign of the Small King + Frolic! Silent Night + Noisy New Year's
8 The Scariest! Mr. Matsuzaki + Chocolate Festival + Absolutely the Worst! Nendou’s Father + Totally T
9 The Superstar Returns! + Cast the Die! An Upset in the Finals + Second Encounter (for Real This Time
10 Reignited! Physical Fitness Test! + Little Love Story + The Latest Crappy Game! Olfana’s Story + Wel
11 Jump! Cyborg Cider-Man No. 2 + Industry-Leading, Top-Ranking Company?! Father’s Job + Cider-Man No.
12 Okinawa School Trip (1)
13 Okinawa School Trip (2)
14 ’Sup Homies!! Outsider + A Transfer Student: The First Encounters + Mr. and Mrs. Nendou Together! +
15 Which Idea Will Be Picked?! School Festival Planning + Sing! Reita’s Recital! + PK Academy School Fe
16 The Perfect Pretty Girl vs. the Super Stubborn Guy + Psychic Santa Claus + Let’s Go Buy the Latest E
17 Kaidou's Suspicion + No Intervention Needed?! Nendou vs. Kaidou + The Worst Part-Timer + Fierce Run!
18 Teruhashi's Second Visit to the Saiki Residence + It's a Piece of Cake! The Straw Millionaire + Tran
19 Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa + Hip, Hip, Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa + Welcome to the Farthest Amusement Pa
20 Toritsuka's Plan to Get Popular + The PK Occult Club + The Worst Cooks + Kokomins Trial + The Disast
21 Here Comes the Mad Scientist + Run for It! A Battle of Wits + Please at Least Be Quiet in the Art Mu
22 Summer Break! The Occult Club Training Camp + The Tennis Club Training Camp + Clinical Testing Job +
23 The Heir to a Conglomerate Makes His Appearance + Tsundere Grandpa Returns! + Holding a Halloween Pa
24 Talent Blossoms?! Melancholy of a Popular Magician + An Exercise in Runaway Delusion + Break-time Di