Porphy no Nagai Tabi | Porfy's Long Journey Staffel 1

Die Geschichte basiert auf der französischen Novelle "Die Waisen von Simitra" von Paul-Jacques Bonzon. Die griechischen Geschwister Porphyras und Mina verlieren bei einem Erdbeben ihre Eltern. Anstatt bei ihrer Pflegefamilie zu bleiben beginnen sie eine abenteuerliche Reise quer durch Europa...


Anime Drama Comedy Abenteuer


2008 - 2008


Keine Angabe


Nippon Animation


Mochizuki Tomomi


Kunii Kei

1 Letter From Father
2 A Friend Came to Visit
3 Welcoming Father
4 Mina`s Birthday
5 Our Station
6 Girl From Italy
7 The Things Porfy Wants
8 Midnight Plan
9 New World
10 First Day of Summer
11 Porfy and Ice-cream
12 The Fated Day
13 The Things Lost, The Things That Remain
14 I`ll Look After Mina
15 Embrace Memories
16 To the Other Side of the Sea
17 Pure White Journey Beginning
18 Farewell Greece
19 At the Italian Harbour
20 The Cave Town
21 Farewell to Dora
22 The Track Continues!
23 The Cracked Doll
24 A Place to Return From a Smile
25 Small Streets, Small Friendship
26 When You Hear the Steam Whistle...
27 I Want to Reach You
28 Sicilian Rhapsody
29 Letter
30 Roma Signpost
31 Somewhere in this Town
32 Mina and Isabella
33 Young Men Covered With Wounds
34 The Present To An Angel
35 The Believing Heart
36 The Mask Of Honesty
37 The Scenery That They See
38 Scattering In The Wind
39 The Road That Leads To You
40 Aiming For The Border
41 The Family In Southern France
42 Love Taken Away
43 Friends
44 Gaining Courage
45 The Rose Blooming In The Alley
46 The Chance Meeting In Paris
47 The New Door
48 The Fragment Of A Dream
49 Rendezvous
50 The Lie
51 The Wish
52 For This Moment