Hero Bank | Herobank Staffel 1

Die Serie handelt von Kaito, einem Grundschüler, der eines Tages mit der Hiobsbotschaft konfrontiert wird, dass er 10 Milliarden Yen Schulden besitzt. Der einzige Weg um diese riesige Summe abzubezahlen, ist das Spielen des neuen Spiels »Hero-Gi«. In diesem Cyber-Sport muss er gegen Gegner antreten und sogenannte »Hero Battles« meistern. Das Motto eines jeden Kampfes: »Change your money with justice!«


Anime Action Familie Fantasy Game


2014 - 2015


Keine Angabe


TMS Entertainment


Yamamoto Yasutaka


Tomioka Atsuhiro

1 Clang Clang, Enter the Gold Appears!!
2 Big Sniping Cleanup Nagare Amano`s Determination!!
3 Aim for Ten Billion Yen! The Hero Wars Curtain Rises!!
4 Perilous! Kaito`s Regent!
5 Burst Angler! A Meeting with Piscesamurai!!
6 Big Detention Panic! Black Cat Shadow Kitty!!
7 Big Money Company Breakup! Tea Picking Battle Royale!
8 Blue Impact! The Dominion Dollar!!
9 Looks Like a Traveler in Trouble!
10 Protect It! Steamy Hot Springs Job Switch Shock!!
11 100 Bullseyes out of 100! A Big Riot at the Fortune-Telling Battle, Though!!
12 Man of Steel! Kintetsu!
13 Flash Descent! Deborah Kizaki!!
14 Trillion Swiftness! Enter the Speed!!
15 Off-Site Sprint! Catch up, Overtake, Uproot!!
16 Stormy Transfer Student! Li-Chi Long!!
17 Round 2! Adults Have Their Own Big Problems!!
18 Heavy Attire! The Dostorbrewski!!
19 Merciless! The All-powerful Ura Dragon`s Rampage!!
20 Drastic Measures! Nagare vs. Isshin!!
21 The Semifinal! Even If You`re Broke, Smiles Are Free!!
22 Final Round! Gold VS Dominion!!
23 Battle of the Century! Challenge Segalion!!
24 Cash Extinction! The Money Ghost`s Counterattack!!
25 Mega Explosive Birth! Enter the Hero!!
26 Conclusion! The First and Last Big Brawl!!
27 The Money Fairy! Boochokkin Ka-ching!!
28 Friend or Foe?! Sekito Sakuraba!!
29 Money Is Power! Ryuuga Tennouji Makes Landfall!!
30 Take Down the Seven Gods of Suits! Kaito`s a Special Agent!!
31 Osaka Business Trip! That Man Is Taiga!!
32 Business Partnership! It`s Ryouma Ishin!!
33 Ultra Evolution! Enter the Prize!!
34 Searing Hot Revenge! Kaito vs. Ryuuga!!
35 Absolute Obedience! Do as Torai-sama Says!!
36 Okinawa Business Trip! The Money of the Dead!!
37 Strongest Tag-team Formation! Kaito and Sekito!!
38 Hiroshima Business Trip! Honorless Money Battle!!
39 Seizure Robo! King Benten!!
40 Frugality Is Justice! The Nagoya Cheapskate Battle!!
41 To Tohoku! Toilet Recovery Mission!!
42 Castaways! Big Money Company Assemble!!
43 A Shock! Kaito Has Amnesia!!
44 Cyber Spirit World! The Kaito Rescue Mission!!
45 Best of the Best! The Prize Yen Dragon!!
46 Promotion! What Is Sekito the Head of?!
47 Risky Battle! Rescue Sekito Sakurada!!
48 The Last of the Seven Gods of Suits! The Risky Life!!
49 Astonishing! Butt-naked in a Money Tornado!!
50 Union of Friendship! The Yen-Dollar Million!!
51 Smiles Are Free! We Are Big Money Company!!