Boboboubo Boubobo | Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Staffel 1

Der Herrscher des Glatzkopfimperiums Karl Kahlkopf IV befiehlt die Jagd auf die gesamten Haare seines Königreichs. Der Rebell Bo-bobo erhebt dagegen Widerstand. Auch bekannt als „Fist of the Nose Hair“ können seine Nasenhaare zu tödlichen Ketten werden und so tritt er gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden gegen die Haarjäger an …


Anime Comedy


2003 - 2005


Keine Angabe


Toei Animation


Hiroki Shibata


Yoshio Urasawa

1 Der Bo-mbastische Bo-schützer des Haares
2 Der Ausflipp-Wettbewerb
3 Die Quatsch quatschende Quietsch-Ente
4 Bababa-Ba Ba-Bab, der ehrenwerte Nasenhaar-König
5 Sein oder nicht Schleim oder: Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische
6 Pasta-Prinz und Pasta-Primadonna
7 Die Miss-Hühnchen-Wahl
8 Verrückt nach Erdbeereis
9 Der rettende Stinker
10 Irgendetwas stinkt hier
11 Der verrückte Vergnügungspark
12 Im Nasenhaar-Dojo
13 Bo-Bobos rappende Achterbahnfahrt
14 Die Geister-Hochzeitsgesellschaft
15 Glatzengeneral Götterspeise
16 Die haarstäubende Jobsuche
17 Entensterz vs. Afro
18 Der Pomadenring
19 Wer besteht den Test?
20 Die Welt von Plappermaul
21 Der Entscheidungskampf
22 Haarald, der Traumtyp
23 Im Haus des Bösen
24 Die fiese Spielshow
25 Die Fernsehfalle
26 Lecker-Schmecker-Mann – Kobold oder Pit Bull
27 Luck let a wiggin` see... how nice a hanky can be!
28 Mortal Match! Fist of Nose Hair vs.? Fist of Rice!
29 Bo-Bobo and Rice, Instant Rice, Ready in Half an Hour!
30 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold with Shitake Mushroom Sauce
31 The ultimate five assassins vs. bo-bobo all stars
32 Enter bobopatchiggler! is that how it`s spelled
33 It ain`t over `til the fat lady sings!
34 Sorry for the Extremely Long Wait Everyone! Finally Introduced! Gyourai Girl!!
35 Gyourai Girl!! In the Name of the Earth, I`ll Punish You
36 Advance Departure to Hallelujah Land! Hell Up Ahead!
37 Great Rage at Hallelujah Land! Everyone`s Become Children
38 Start the Attack on Money Castle! But Let`s Drop In On the Way!
39 Decisive Battle! The Three Prison-Murderer Brothers vs. Hajike Trio! Which Has Better Teamwork!
40 Overthrow Halekulani! And Afterwards Lets Take His Money
41 Versus Halekulani and Gorgeous! See, Our Super Illusion!!
42 Fun Sugoroku Operation! Everyone Gets Service Altogether
43 Final Battle with Halekulani: The Final Conclusion...We Thought Until a New Enemy!
44 Call the Six Electric Brain Warriors! The Male Ballerina are Enchanting Too
45 Invitation to the Depths of Hell! Decisive Sky Battle! Start the Bungee Battle!!
46 Messenger of Justice from the Darkness! Meet Female-Torpedo Teacher Gyorabe!!
47 Violent Sink-or-Swim Battle!! Onion-san comes Too
48 Enter Magical Girl Denbo-chan! The Love Spell is Gabapapitch!
49 Extremely Difficult, IQ Battle Begins! Giga, Come and Get It~ !!
50 Enraged Seal: Super Giga Appears! We`ve Been Double-Crossed
51 Art Power vs. Nosehair Soul! Eat This! Hajike Trio Burning Fist!!
52 Welcome Back, He-ken A New Journey is Starting, Starting ! / The New Enemy Has Come! Bridge-Top Deat
53 Everyone Power Up! The New Costume is 582 Yen / The Enemy is Our Horrible Ancestor? Even The Power-U
54 Let`s Go Super Bo-bobo! Demonstrate Your Love Power / Euphoric Battle in the Flower Garden! The Smel
55 Welcome Back Hatenko Factions Made and Allies Split!? / Advancing Wildly Gadget-kun! Thrusting Away
56 Dress Change and Decisive Sci-Fi Battle! See! Our New Trio!! / Impossibly Predicted World Tour! The
57 Hell Water Slider! The Enemy! Swishing Sunfish to Swimsuit Gals! / Love-Love Torpedo-sensei Assault!
58 Ice-Top Machine Battle! The Great Fierce Battle With No Rules! / The Penalty Game is on Ice But Its
59 Wiggin` Fusion PatchBobo! The Gachinko Battle Without Foolishness! / Fierce Fight! Love Triangle!! E
60 The Destined Three Alternatives! A Good World, a Bad Heaven, a Normal Hell! / Rice, the Noble Youth
61 Full-Throttle Ultra Service!! See Make the Most of The Beautiful Figure! / Mythical Beasts vs. Don P
62 Here`s the Country of Death, the Country of Dreams! Sleep, Sleep, Re-m Rem / Deciding Battle! Rem Sl
63 Now, Rem`s Past is Exposed! A Story of Tearful Emotion / Strong Enemy Lambada vs. Power of the Black
64 Polygons are a Bitch!! Both Dancing and Beautifully Formed High Spirits! / Retro Game Counterattack
65 Fierce Oden Deathmatch! Bo-bobo vs. Hanpen!! / Shock! Power of Hanpen Fist!! The Dawn of Hanpen is N
66 The Side Dish is Bright Thanks for the Cheap Bento / My Name is TenBobo! I Hate Fighting
67 Incredibly Strong! Meet the Callously Heartles Hero!! / Open the Devil`s Door...! The Dark Emperor F
68 Announcement! Popularity Contest!! Who`s in First Me / OVER vs. the 3rd vs. Bo-bobo! Three-Way Decis
69 Menace! Red and Blue Shinken!! Vs. Afro Golden Troop!! / The Terrible Body from Drinking Bo-bobo! A
70 Finally Concluded! Crushing Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd!! / Curtain Raising! New Emperor Playoffs!! Bo-b
71 Beauty`s Close Call! Though I`m Alone, I Fight!! / Delicious Then Lose! In Search of the World`s Gre
72 Start! Batch Contest!! The Gold Batch is Proof of the Strong Ones! / Swiftly Run! Bo-bobo TV Channel
73 Batch Contest Battle Royal!! Desired Character Dream Match! / Samba DE Bo-bobo! Demon to Yamamba to
74 The Battle Stage is an Immense He-Kun! Invoke Baby Mode!! / Transform! Angry DoDoDoDoDoDon Patch!!
75 Rushing to the Final Decisive Battle! Enter the Life-Sacrificing Clock Board!! / Angry Super Bo-bobo
76 Calling Super Denbo!! Countdown to Love and Peace! / The Final Showdown at Last!! Fist of Nosehair F