Ashita no Joe | Champion Joe Staffel 1

Joe Yabuki, eine ziellos umherziehende Waise, gerät im Elendsviertel von Tokio in eine Auseinandersetzung mit einer Bande von Kriminellen. Seine beeindruckenden kämpferischen Fähigkeiten wecken das Interesse eines abgehalfterten Boxtrainers. Er steht für Joe ein, als die Gang zurück kehrt, um ihn fertig zu machen - und bietet Joe außerdem an, fortan bei ihm zu leben. Trotz dessen Gastfreundschaft kommt Joe weiterhin in Konflikt mit dem Gesetz und landet schlussendlich im Gefängnis. Dort begegnet er einem anderen Boxer namens Rikiishi Tooru, der sein Interesse für den Boxsport endgültig entfacht. Nach seiner Entlassung startet Joes Boxkarriere …


Anime Action Drama Sport Anime-Slice of Life


1970 - 1981


Keine Angabe


Mushi Production, Tokyo Movie Shinsha


Dezaki Osamu


Dezaki Osamu, Takayashiki Hideo

1 Those are the Eyes of a Beast!
2 The Life in the Square Jungle
3 Face the Fangs of the Beast
4 Shed Tears for the Burning Fist!
5 For the Sake of Tomorrow! Part 1
6 Explode! Left Jab!
7 Don`t Judge the Wolf!
8 Toko High Security Juvenile Prison
9 His Name is Rikiishi Tooru!
10 Scream of the Red Sunset!
11 Burn at the Bottom of Hell!
12 Shout at the Burning Sun
13 Stand in the Ring of Destiny
14 Is it Time for the KO Gong Yet!?
15 White Mat`s Lullaby
16 The Setting Sun of Treachery
17 Alone in the Middle of a Storm
18 Ring Ropes of Despair
19 The Fearsome Liver Blow
20 Battle Scarred Victory
21 A Small Fight with a Big Honor
22 The Legendary Rikiishi Tooru
23 Farewell, Juvenile Prison
24 Return to Slum Town
25 Law of the Stray Dog
26 License of Despair
27 Bridge to Tomorrow
28 Wager for Glory
29 Challenge for Tomorrow
30 The Ordeal of the Pro Test
31 Spread Your Wings, Pro Boxer
32 The Road to the Shining Ring
33 Hooray for the First Victory
34 The Aspiring Boxer
35 Do Your Best! Nishi!
36 Wolf Kanagushi Bares His Fangs
37 Training Furiously
38 The Greatest Six-Round Bout in History
39 The Triple Cross of Victory
40 An Oath to the Snow
41 Rikiishi Tooru`s Challenge
42 A Man`s World
43 A Cruel Weight Loss
44 Rikiishi Tooru`s Hard Fight!
45 Sway Back to Defeat Rikiishi!
46 The Man Who Risked Death
47 The Two Before the Storm
48 Showdown of Destiny
49 An Endless Deathmatch
50 End of the Battle
51 The Life that Burned Out
52 Farewell, Rikiishi Tooru
53 The Man I Hate
54 The Ten-Count Bell of Sorrow
55 The Wandering Ballad
56 The Wolf Revives
57 A Wounded Beast
58 The Body Blow of Victory
59 The Looming Black Shadow
60 The Fierce Sparring
61 The Thrown Towel
62 Rikiishi Tooru Was Alive
63 The Final Challenge
64 Enter Carlos
65 As Long As There`s the Ring
66 Setting Out for Tomorrow
67 A Little Adventure
68 Fixed Match
69 Lullaby of the Ranch
70 The Guy I`m Worried About
71 Carlos the Uncrowned Emperor 25m
72 Return to the Shining Ring
73 The Cross Counter Returns
74 Setting Out Today
75 Carlos, Magician of the Ring
76 The Burning Challenge
77 Battle of Men
78 Duel!! Carlos vs. Yabuki Joe
79 Let the Shining Tomorrow Burn in the Distance!!