Akazukin Chacha | Red Riding Hood Chacha Staffel 1

Akazukin Chacha ist die Geschichte eines jungen Mädchens, das Chacha genannt wird. Sie lebt in einem Häuschen mit dem besten Zauberer der Welt, Seravi, ihrem Wächter und Lehrer. Chacha ist, im Gegensatz zu Seravi, im Zaubern sehr ungeschickt. Zusammen mit ihren Freunden, dem Werwolf Riiya und Shiine, dem Zauberlehrling, erlebt sie zahlreiche Abenteuer und erfährt von ihrer geheimnisvollen Vergangenheit.


Anime-Supernatural Comedy Romantik Abenteuer Fantasy Magic


1994 - 1995


Keine Angabe




Tsuji Hatsuki


Tsuji Hatsuki

1 The Red-Hooded Magician
2 The Rival is the Black Riding Hood
3 The Overreacting Cute Mermaid Marin!
4 Deadly! Attack of the Three Little Pigs
5 Date with `Vampy` Kyuu-chan
6 Babies are Bad at Magic
7 Snow Explosion, Sensei is a Snow Woman
8 My Cake is the Best
9 Go Nyandabar Z
10 Kyuu-chan Strikes Back
11 Decide the Sushi Champion
12 Orin-chan`s First Love
13 Work Hard, House Sitter
14 The Evil Magic Lord is Angry
15 Baby Franken-chan
16 She Appears! The Sister of the Sea Monster
17 The Return of Nyandabar
18 Zombie Warning at Urara School
19 Dreadful! Dorothy-chan`s Sister?
20 The Challenge of the Mysterious Thief, Nezumid-kid
21 A Dangerous Open-air Bath
22 Surprise! First Experience as a Sacrifice!
23 Fight! Graduation Exam
24 I`m the Legendary Princess?
25 Why? Why? The Arrow is Defeated
26 Move it! You`re in the Way of Our Love
27 Chacha`s Power at the Fiery Place
28 The Explorers of Phoenix Pond
29 Welcome to the Home of Phoenix
30 At Last! The Wing Kris
31 Lots of Training
32 Dangerous Love Triangle
33 Shiine-chan`s Fateful Confrontation
34 Reunion. Tearful Nursery Song
35 Yet Again, Nyandaber
36 The Mirror of Truth Lies
37 Flower-Sprouting Teacher, Barabaraman
38 Everyone`s an Animal
39 Kappa Roll at the Dragon Palace
40 Breakfast in the Kitty House
41 The Sleepy Demon Erupts
42 In Search of the Legendary Shield
43 The Bird Shield is Completed
44 Grand Class Reunion
45 Who`s the Real One?
46 Onward! Magical Ninja Squad
47 Cross the Bridge of Friendship
48 Racoon Battle! The Bunbuku Teapot
49 Go Forth, Legendary Warriors!
50 Final Battle of Love, Courage, and Hope
51 The Princess` Holiday
52 Escape! Escape! To No Prevail!
53 I`m the Strongest in the World?
54 Ceaseless Challengers
55 Don`t Forget About the King`s Crest
56 Good Bye, Holy Up
57 Skate to Be the World`s Best
58 Elizabeth S.O.S.
59 A Tiny Little Love Story
60 I Like... I Like... Yakko-chan
61 Young Seravy`s Adventures
62 Scoop! Pink`s Secret
63 A Thorny 3-Legged Race
64 Surprise! Riiya`s Mama?
65 Nostalgic Nyandabar
66 Strict Teacher Mayachon
67 Terror! Friday the 12th
68 Umibouko! Big Battle Over First Love!
69 Operation Dance Party!
70 The Tale of Yakko-chan`s First Love
71 Again! Tono`s Return
72 Shiine-chan`s Big Mistake
73 The Secret of Dorothy`s Castle
74 Wedding Announcement Rumble!